The third edition of “The BBQ Series”  will be available March 27, 2016. **Along with the launching of  The BBQ: The Resurrection, comes the new book covers.



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Most people recognize a fork in the road…

Monica had a visible crossroad just up ahead. As usual, she wasn’t able to view it. Her uncanny ability to turn her peripheral vision on and off at will, distorted her intuitive wisdom; which is why something as simple as a Barbeque with all its queues, clues and even sparks, left her guessing. Life was about to take Monica off the beaten path – right into the world of a Man of Destiny. The only question was “which man” held her future. This story of integrity, deception and at times unbridled love can only be unraveled with a trained eye and an unblemished heart. Monica soon learns that emotions are not the best source of measuring the truth.


Monica is back after jumping the broom.

Monica and her new husband try to keep the Honeymoon going through their daily struggles. All newlyweds have a vision and with sparkles in their eyes they pursue it. In time people prove that they are not always who they appear to be. She did not know everything about her husband and neither did he know everything about her. Now as things unfold, life get’s muddy and the honeymooners are threatened to lose hope. While trying to make the two become one, they create a head on collision instead. Monica was on her career track; Shawn was on a mission to keep things intact. Selena was all about being the Boss and Brian was Hell bent on proving himself at all cost. All the players are back but the roles are changing and the game is definitely engaging. Whether they win or lose, sometimes living “Happily Ever After” means a Lover has to take a Holiday.

The Long Awaited Sequel and FINAL edition to the BBQ Trilogy is Here!

Available March 27, 2016

Monica is challenged being “Every Woman” to everyone but “Herself”.

Living Happily ever after is quite a task for any couple – even if they are “Soul Mates”.
Monica discovers that being a mother, wife and a Christian woman is more daunting then she expected. Has she given up everything only to lose her true identity? At a critical time in each of their lives: Shawn, Brian and Selena realize everyone must give in or surrender to the conquest of love. Whose marriage will go into a coma or die in the battle of the war? Only a “Resurrection” can save them or they may all fall.


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My Mistress, My Wife


Michael is a seemingly average Joe who has been married for nearly seven years and as his anniversary rolls around, he assesses that he has a routine job and a traditional life that is going fairly well enough. He has two kids and a dog in a middle class suburban neighborhood where he waves at his neighbors and tips his mailman every Christmas and thanksgiving. But something was really different that year. He finally discovered that he has just been living a mediocre existence. Not a lot of excitement except for super bowl, not a lot of sex, except when on vacation. Michael realized he was not exceptional. This had never bothered him before and he tried to wonder why.

Michael strolled the aisle in Macy’s looking for the perfect gift for his loving wife and as he bumped into a gorgeous woman, he may have woke up from his slumber.
Michael decided to make some real decisions in his life and refused to be a victim of his circumstances. He loved his wife but that anniversary weekend changed everything. They decided to do a private getaway and he hoped that this would jumpstart not only his marriage but his desire of complete wholeness and happiness once and for all. During this love feast of a vacation, he met the most beautiful woman that he had ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on. She was obviously attracted to him and he secretly longed to know what could ever become of them.  This story is about discovering truth and being courageous enough to take ownership over your choices and mapping out authentic happiness.