Love in a New York Minute

Mentor Program

“Love in a New York Minute is a Movement”. Join Us Today.

The Wait is almost over – Ecclesiastes 3:8 It’s Time for Love

If you have ever asked God Where is My Mate??? You are in the right place.

“Love in a New York Minute” is all about the wait.

Don’t commit “Spiritual Abortion” by marrying a “Spare Rib”.

The “In Between Time” is where God heals your mind and knits your heart with
Him so that he can present you as the Rib or return the Rib to the Right mate.

As a mentor, I am called to support your ministry, business and destiny.

You deserve the best not all the rest. Whether you are male/female, God has given me a word just for you.

Contact “TLB” if you are still in the “Waiting Room”.